Updated Ideas On Wise National Health Service Strategies

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Webb. Following Webbs presentation, there will be a post-keynote panel focused on how clinical, business, economic and consumer models are displacing existing healthcare models. On Tuesday, February 28, attendees may choose to attend either Leveraging the Value Proposition of Community Medicine and The Dynamics of Preferred Network Development or a second track, comprised of presentations titled Developing Your Consumer Driven Service Line and The Growing Role of Medicare Special Needs Plans. An additional, optional presentation titled Owning the Risk: A Journey into Value-Based Transformation will end the day. The conference concludes on Wednesday with three additional high-impact presentations. HDG is proud to be at the forefront of innovative solutions for post-acute cares most critical challenges, said Shvetzoff. Carrying on this tradition of the National Summit provides opportunities for those in the healthcare industry to learn from the foremost experts in long-term forecasting and planning. Each year, the National Summit provides vision, renewed direction and necessary discussion to help drive solutions to the healthcare industrys most pressing topics. Healthcare leaders can register for the conference online at hdgnationalsummit.com through February 17, 2017. The website also contains the full agenda and speakers list as well as additional information about sponsors, hotel and travel arrangements. For more than 25 years, HDG has designed integrated and customized solutions for hospitals, health systems, long-term and post-acute care clients across the country.

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